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     Features :
  Elegant Plastic Molded Enclosure.
  Individual keys & molded keys tops
     for greater keyboard reliability
  Multiple weighing units, gram, kilo gram,
     carat, tola, Liter, Pound,
  Piece Counting Facility, up to 25 different types.
  Storage Of Weights in memory & printing, up to 100 weights
  Power saving mode.
  Bi-directional RS232 interface to interface with
     computers & printers.
  Selectable baud rate.
  Auto Power Off..
  Peak Hold facility.
  Date & Time facility.
  Multiple Print options with Sr. No., Date, Time & Weight in
     Horizontal / Verticle mode.
  Automatic zero tracking.
  User selectable Tare / Zero mode option with Net/gross
     Facility for minimum use.

Table Top Electronic Weighing Scales, Electronic Weighing Scales, Weighing Scales
ELEGANT - 0.1g To 15kg

  Capacity   Accuracy
  600g   0.1g
  3Kg ,6Kg, 10Kg   0.5g
  3Kg, 6Kg, 10Kg, 12Kg, 15Kg,   1g
  6Kg, 12Kg, 15Kg,   2g
  15Kg,   5g
  Dual Accuracy models
  6/12Kg   0.5/1g
  3/6g, 6/12Kg   1/2g
  6/15Kg   2/5g
                 Models are approved by Dept. of Weights & Measures, Govt. of India

                              Manufacturer of electronic weighing machines ranging from precision balances of  0.001g accuracy to 100 tons.