India’s Largest Manufacturer and Exporter of Magnet based high precision electronic balances.


Contech Instruments Ltd.

Company was awarded
ISO 9001 : 2008,
ISO 14001:2004,
OHSAS 18001:2007
Management Systems in
the year 2014.

Contech Instruments Ltd.

is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high precision Electronic Balance that has for the past few years provided the industry with quality products like electronic balances, weighing machines




Contech has various weighing solutions for the retail market segment – simple retail scale for the basic weighing and packing, advanced micro computer based price computing scale for weighing and price computation, billing and report generation of the business and hanging scale with detachable and washable stainless steel pan for fish and meat weighing.

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  LABEL / RECEIPT PRINTING SCALES Manufacturer Supplier and   Exporters

5000 PLUs, 40x2 preset keys, 10 vendors.
Information for each PLU consisting of offer price, price by weight basis, rate input on per kg or per 100g basis.
Item description upto three lines.
Sales & management information reports consisting of sales data,
margins, cash reports, report of last PLU modifications.
Ideal for super market, fisheries, meat, etc.,
Inventory management.
Interface among scales, PC and mobile devices.
Display of weight, rate, total price & tare weight, active vendors & name of the products.
High resolution and fast printing.
Label or receipt printing, format & informations are configurable.
Vendors name, discounts on line and total in receipt printing.
While printing labels, in pre-packing and self service modes, continuous
printing of programmed number of copies of labels.
Easy programming & menu driven operation.
Special keys for direct access to programming menus like changing of price, addition of new PLU or vendor, sales reports.
Direct access to 999 PLUs from keyboard.
Programmable ‘macros’ system for assigning specific functions of the end user sequence of keys.
Configurable passwords for security.
Stock management in the scale provision to enter initial stock, adjustment of stock after physical stock check.
Display & printing of PLU based stock report.
Transfer of report to PC.
Easy to maintain, internal firmwear changeable from PC.
Online checking & modifications of technical parameters through optional web server.
Various application software for programming of scales, designing of
labels/receipts, management of data from scales. (Invoices, Warehouses, Customers, Offers etc.)





CT - 30KD


15/30 kg


2/5 g

  Repeatability (+/-)

2/5 g

  Pan Size

265 X 360 mm


Our Product Range :




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