India’s Largest Manufacturer and Exporter of Magnet based high precision electronic balances.


Contech Instruments Ltd.

has been awarded ISO 9001 : 2008 Certification By QA International

Contech Instruments Ltd.

is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high precision Electronic Balances that has for the past few years provided the industry with quality products like electronic balances, weighing machines


Contech Instruments Ltd, an ISO 9001 2008 Company established in the year 1992 has an installation base of more than 3 lac customers all over the world.

Contech, the leading manufacturer of high precision electronic balances in India today offers the complete a range of Electronic Balances and Weighing scales for various applications. Our range comprises of Laboratory Balances, Moisture Balances, Gem and Jewellery Balances, Super Market Scales, Health Scales, Industrial Scales, Crane Scales, Weighing Indicators, Electronic Weighbridges, Scales for special applications, etc.  Company has added a range of laboratory equipments like pH Meters, Conductivity Meters, Melting Point Apparatus, Polarimeters, Digital Refractometers and also X-Ray Gold Purity Testers.

Contech was established by three technocrats in the year 1992.Company gradually added various models to its range of products and today has got a product range from 0.01mg Analytical Balances to 150 ton Electronic Weighbridges. Where Innovation never stops…. is the slogan of Contech Instruments Ltd and is synonymous with Contech having more than 200 models today. Contech an 9001:2008 Company is the largest manufacturers of Electronic Balances based on Electro Magnetic Force Compensation Technology in India today and is selling more than all other manufacturers put together which only shows the market domination of Contech for High Precision Electronic Balances. 

Contech is the only Indian manufacturer who has developed and manufactured in true sense the complete range of Electronic Balances from 0.01mg Analytical Balances to 150 ton Electronic Weighbridges in its own setup illustrating the technical competence of the Company.  Company employs more than 250 personnel and manufactures more than 30000 Balances per year today.  Company has got enough infrastructure for manufacturing 3000 Balances per month. 

 Fact Sheet

  Company Details

  Year of Establishment   1992
  Year of Incorporation
  Legal Status of Firm   Public Ltd. Co. ( Closely Held )
  Trade Affiliations     Govt. Registered Trade Mark.
  Income Tax Registration No.   AABCC7471R
  Service Tax Registration No.   AABCC7471R ST 003
  Central Sales Tax No.   27200001487C
  State Sales Tax No.   27200001487V
  Import Export Code   0394002539
  Excise Registration No.   AABCC7471R XM 001
  Nature of Business

Product Portfolio

Laboratory Balances
  • Semi Micro Balances (0.00001g to 230g)
  • Analytical Balances (0.0001 to 220g)
  • High Precision Laboratory Balances (0.001g to 500g)
  • Precision Balances (0.01g to 5000g)
  • Industrial Precision Balances (0.1g to 10 Kg)
  • Density Balances (0.1 mg - 10 kg)
  • Flameproof Balances (0.1 mg - 6 kg)

Moisture Balances

  • Moisture Balances  (0.001g -220g)

Gem and Jewellery Balances

  • Pocket Scales (0.001 g - 200 g)
  • Carat Scales (0.001 g - 50 g)
  • Gold Scales (0.01 g - 600 g)
  • Silver Scales (0.1 g - 15 kg)

Super Market Scales

  • Retail Scales
  • Price Computing Scales
  • Hanging Scales

 Health Scales

  • Kitchen Scales
  • Baby Weighing Scales
  • Adult Scales

Industrial Scales

  • Tabletop Scales (0.5 g - 35 kg)
  • Counting Scales (0.5g - 1 ton)
  • Waterproof Balances (0.1 g - 60 kg)
  • Platform Scales (2 g - 1 ton)
  • Floor Scales (200g to 10 ton)
  • Pallet Scales (200 g - 2 ton)
  • Low Profile Stainless Steel Floor Scales (100g – 2 ton)

Crane Scales

  • Crane Scales (200g-20ton)
  • Crane Scales for High Temperature Applications(200g-15ton)
  • Crane Scales with Remote Indicator(10kg -50ton)

Weighing Indicator

  • Universal Indicator
  • Batch Weighing Indicator
  • Flameproof Indicator
  • Stainless Steel housing indicator

Electronic Weighbridges

  • Electronic Weighbridges (5kg - 100 ton)

Scales for Special Applications

  • Milk Bowl Weighing Systems (100 g - 500 kg)
  • Platform Scales with Ramp and Rollers.
  • Static Check Weighing Systems.
  • Customized Weighing Systems.

Balance Accessories

  • Auxiliary Display
  • Large Panel Display
  • Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
  • Battery Backup
  • Breeze Shield
  • Mini Printer
  • Motorized Calibration

Electro Chemical Instruments

  • Multiparameter Meter

  • Lab pH Meter, Economy

  • Lab pH Meter, Precision

  • Conductivity Meter

  • Dissolved Oxygen Meter

  • ORP Meter

  • ION Concentration Meter

  • Dual Parameter Meter

    • pH/Conductivity Meter

    • pH/Ion Concentration Meter

    • pH/Dissolved Oxygen Meter

    • Conductivity /Dissolved Oxygen

  • Electrodes

    • Electrochemical Electrodes

    • Reference Electrodes

    • Ion Electrodes

  • Accessories

    • Magnetic Stirrer

    • Electrode Holder

    • Printer

    • Stirr Bead

    • Power Supply

    • Battery Backup

    • Calibration Solutions

Optical Instruments

  • Digital Polarimeters

  • Digital Abbe Refractometer

  • Digital Melting Point Apparatus

Gold Purity Testing Equipments

  • X-Ray Gold Purity Tester – CGX-10

Gas Analyzer

  • Flue Gas Analyzer-NDIR-Online

  • Flue Gas Analyzer-NDIR –Portable

  • Flue Gas Analyzer-ECD-Online

  • Flue Gas Analyzer-ECD -Portable

  • Coal Gas Analyzer-Online

  • Coal Gas Analyzer-Portable

  • Bio Gas Analyzer-Online

  • Bio Gas Analyzer-Portable

  • Infrared Combustion Efficiency-Online

  • Infrared Combustion Efficiency-Portable

  • Automobile Emission Gas Analyzer

  • Gas Leakage Transmitter

  • Gas Detector –Hand Held

  • Opacity Meter for Diesel Engine

  • Dual Gas Analyzer

  • Single Gas Analyzer

  • Oxygen Gas Analyzer

  • Hydrogen Gas Analyzer

  • Accessories

  Segments Catered To

Contech with vast experience & ability to design and manufacture quality range of high precision electronic balances, weighing scales and various laboratory equipments has achieved a remarkable position in the entire spectrum of Industries for catering their demand for the complete range of weighing requirements.

  Pharmaceuticals   Chemical
  Ammunition   Paint
  Rubber   Engineering
  Automobile   Foundary
  Metallurgy   Mining
  Textile   Paper
  Plastics   Food & beverages
  Gem & jewelry   Transport
  Warehouses   Healthcare
  Super market   Educational institutes
  Research lab   Hospitality
  Electrical & Electronics   Financial Institutions
  Infrastructure & construction  

  Our Infrastructure

Contech has established a state of the art factory in the outskirts of Mumbai covering an area of 18000 sq.ft with most modern equipments and machineries for manufacturing and testing of High Precision Electronic Balances & weighing machines.

Contech employs more than 250 personnel and manufactures more than 20000 Balances per annum with around 200 models ranging from 0.01mg Analytical to 150 ton Weighbridges

 Contech has got its marketing offices and service centers in most of the major cities in India to cover the entire spectrum of Industrial and retail segments and to support more than 3 lac customer base.

 Quality Assurance

Quality has been the backbone of success of Contech over the years.  All Balances are tested for quality and accuracy as per the guidelines laid down by International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML).  All Models have been approved by the Department of Weights & Measures, Ministry of Civil Supplies, Govt. of India. Company’s products are supported by a team of qualified Engineers situated at various locations throughout the country.  Company’s customer friendly attitude and constant interactions with them has led to standardization of its products in many Industries & Institutions across the globe

 Quality Certification

   Rated NSIC CRISIL SE2C for high performance capability by CRISIL Ratings
     during last week of Dec. 2010
   Model Approval by Department of Weights & Measures, Ministry of Civil Supplies,
     Govt. of India.  Tests carried out on OIML guidelines (International Organization of
     Legal Metrology).
  ISO 9001:2000 from QA International in the year 2004.
   ISO 9001:2008 from QA International in the year 2010.
   Acknowledged by Directorate of Industries, Maharashtra Government as a Small
     Enterprises for manufacturing of Electronic Balances and weighing machines.
   Registered member of the Federation of small and medium scale Industries.


 Our Excellence

Where Innovation never the slogan of Contech Instruments Ltd and is  synonymous with Contech, having more than 200 models today.

Research & Development is the main strength of the Company with complete inhouse facilities and the team consists of qualified Mechanical, Metallurgical, Electronic & Software Engineers.  Company’s stress on continuous research & development has enabled it to offer latest products in the field of electronic weighing with features matched by none.

 Our Product Strength

High Precesion Balances incorporate advanced Electro Magnetic Force Compensation technology for offering unmatched accuracy and reliability. coupled with unique ADC circuit with inbuilt temperature compensation on a specially developed ceramic substrate and using surface mounted devices coated with special durez compound offers a very high stability upto a resolution of 2 million counts in all weather conditions. All adjustments like Scale factor, linearity correction factor, temperature correction factor, response time, stability band width auto zero tracking and Display updation - all are programmable through the serial port to take care of any minor mismatch of different sub assemblies of balances

All Balances are tested for atleast 7 days and weight readings are taken at regular intervals, corrected for any deviation  by hardware and software adjustments so as to make the balance display readings within the permissible error limits depending on the accuracy class against standard weights throughout the duration of working within the specified limits of ambient temperature.

Contech provides the test certificates, Quality Certificates for design (DQ), Installation (IQ), Operation (OQ) & Performance (PQ) as required by various certifying authorities governing the industry segments.

 Our Clients

Contech has more than 3 lac customers all over the world which effectively means there is no segment where Contech does not have any customer. Contech exports products to various countries to name a few :- Korea, China, Middle East, Far East & African countries.

Indian Government sector units like Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, Indian Space Research Organization, Defence establishments like HEMRL, Ammunition Factories, DRDO, etc., Reputed educational and research Institutes like BARC, NCL, IIT, IISc, etc, major pharma companies like  Dr. Reddy’s Lab, Cadila, Aristo, Bio Chem Pharma, Sun Pharma, Ajanta Pharma, Neon Laboratories, Naprod Life Science, etc. are few names to reckon with.

 Our Team

Contech designs and manufactures all its products fully in-house with a highly adept team of technical experts who possess in depth knowledge and vast experience in the field and efficiently utilize their dexterity in the production activity.  

We have following members on board with us:
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Electronic Engineers
  • Metallurgical Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Quality Controllers
  • Marketing Experts.
  • Skilled Technicians.

These specialists work in absolute synchronization to meet the organizational objectives. Quality controllers conduct stringent checks on the raw materials, at every stage in the manufacturing process & finished products using various quality testing equipments. The customer friendly sales & service team is constantly engaged in providing the innovatively developed products and services to the valuable customers.


Our Product Range :

  Laboratory Balances|  Semi Micro Balancs (0.00001g to 230g)  |  Analytical Balances (0.0001g to 220g)    High Precision Laboratory Balances (0.001g to 500g)   |   
    |   Precision  Balances (0.01g to 5 kg )   |   Industrial Precision Balances (0.1g - 10 Kg)   |    Density Balances (0.1 mg - 10 kg)
   Flameproof Balances (0.1 mg - 6 kg)   |
  Moisture Balances : |   Moisture Balances (0.001 g - 220 g)  |
  Gem and Jewellery Scales : |  Pocket Scales (0.001 g - 200 g)   |   Carat Scales (0.001 g - 50 g)   |   Gold Scales (0.01 g - 600 g)    |  Silver Scales (0.1 g - 15 kg)   |
  Supermarket Scales  :  |   Retail Scale (1 g - 35 kg)    |   Price Computing Scales (1 g - 35 kg)   |   Hanging Scales (2 g - 30 kg)   |
  Health Scales :  |  Kitchen Scales (0.1 g - 5 kg)   |   Baby Weighing Scales (5g - 20 kg)    |  Adult Scales (100 g - 150 kg)   |
  Industrial Scales|  Tabletop Scales (0.5 g - 35 kg)   |   Piece Counting Scales - Available in tabletop (0.5 g - 35 kg) and Platform ( 2 g - 1 ton)   |  Waterproof Scaless (0.1 g - 60 kg)   |      
    |   Platform Scales  (2 g - 1 ton)   |   Floor Scales (200g to 10 ton)    |   Pallet Scales (200 g - 2 ton)   |   Low Profile Stainless Steel Floor Scales (100g-2Ton)   | 
  Crane Scales CCB features upto 50 ton   |   CCH features   |   
CCW features   |   CCwH features   |  Optional Accessories  |
  Weighing Indicators  :  |  Universal Indicators  |  Batch Weighing Indicators  |   Flameproof Indicators  |   Stainless Steel Housing Indicators   |
  Electronic Weighbridges : Electronic Weighbridges (5kg - 100 ton)   |
  Scales for Special Applications :  |  Milk Bowl Weighing System (100 g - 500 kg)  |   Platform Scales with Ramp and Rollers   |  Static Check Weighing Systems  |  Customised Weighing Systems
  Balance Accessories  :  Auxiliary Display Attached To The Balance On The Pole   |  Auxiliary Display (remote Wired)   |    Large Panel Display   |   Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)  
    |  Battery Backup   |   Breeze Shield   |   Mini Printer   |   Motorized Calibration   |   Flameproof Junction Box   |   Standard Weights    | 
  Electro Chemical Instruments  : | 
Multiparameter Meter   |  Conductivity Meter Lab pH Meter, Economy   |  Lab pH Meter, Precision   |
Conductivity Meters   |  Dissolved-Oxygen-Meter  |  ORP Meter  |  Ion concentration meter  | 
Dual-parameter-meter : pH/conductivity Meter CpHC  |  pH/ION Concentration Meter CpHI   |  pH/Dissolved Oxygen Meter CpHDO   |   pH/conductivity Meter CCDO   |  Electrodes  |
    |  Ion Electrodes  |  Accessories  |
  Optical Instruments  :  |   Digital   Polarimeters Model : CDP-001   |  Digital Abbe Refractometers Model : CAR-02   |   Digital Melting Point Apparatus Model : CDMP-300   |
  Gold Purity Testing Equipments  :  |   X-Ray Gold Purity Tester - CGX-101   |


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