Contech has got its marketing offices and service centers in most of the major cities in India to cover the entire spectrum of Industrial and Retail Segments and to support more than 250 dealers and 3 lac customers spread across the country.

Team of Qualified and Experienced Engineers based in service centers all over the country equipped with adequate tools, fixtures, Reference standards & spares for the maintenance of complete range of products along with the technical staff of the dealers is constantly engaged in providing satisfactory after sales services to the valuable customers.

All the products are developed and manufactured by the Contech with its own know how, hence it does not have to depend on any external agency for the support of its products even for the 1st machine supplied by the Contech 18 years ago. As all the components are manufactured using inhouse facilities, Contechis able to offer after sales services, after the expiry of warranty period at a very reasonable cost to the customers.

Contech provides the test certificates, Quality Certificates for design (DQ), Installation (IQ), Operation (OQ) & Performance (PQ) as required by various certifying authorities governing the industry segments. Contech can provide the certification for its products by various certifying authorities like NABL & RRSL.

Customized and dedicated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software package for the entire operation of Contech with exclusive CRM Module for customer support helps in tracking the product and customer history and coupled with efficient customer support team has enabled Contech to offer the services to be one of the best in the field.

Contech provide total in house manufacturing to achieve OIML Quality Standard accuracy requirement of E1 class

Contech has NABL accreditation laboratory for testing & calibration of standard weights.

Contech can do calibration of electronic balances of weighing scales & issued NABL certificates.

Our Products Range

Laboratory Balances : Semi Micro Balances (CAI Series) | Analytical Balances (CAS & CAI Series) | High Precision Balances (CAH Series) | Precision Balances (CA Series) | Precision Balances (CAH Series) | Precision Balances (CA Series) | density Balance (0.1mg - 10 Kg) | Flameproof Balances (0.1mg - 6Kg) |
Moisture Balances
Gem and Jewellery Balances : Pocket Scales (0.001 g - 200 g)| Carat Scales (0.001 g - 50 g) | Gold Scales (0.01 g - 600 g) | Silver Scales (0.1 g - 15 kg) |
Supermarket Scales : Retail Scale (1 g - 35 kg) | Price Computing Scales (1 g - 35 kg) |
Health Scales : Adult Scales (100 g - 150 kg) | Kitchen Scales (0.1 g - 5 kg) | Baby Weighing Scales (5g - 20 kg) |
Industrial scales : Tabletop Scales (0.5 g - 35 kg)| Piece Counting Scales | Waterproof Scales (0.1 g - 6 kg) | Waterproof Bench Scales (0.1 g - 60 kg) | Pallet Scales (200 g - 2 ton) | Platform Scales (200g to 10ton) | Floor Scales (200g to 10ton) | Low Profile Stainles Steel Floor Scales (100g - 2ton) |
Crane Scales : Standard Crane Scales (CCS) 2kg to 60kg | Standard Crane Scales (CCS) 100g to 1ton | Crane Scales with Wireless Indicator 100g to 1ton | Crane Scales (CCS) 500g to 10ton | Crane Scales with Wireless Indicator 500g to 10ton | Crane Scales (CCS) 5kg to 20ton | Crane Scales with Wireless Indicator 5kg to 20ton | Crane Scales (CCS) 5kg to 30ton | Crane Scales with Wireless Indicator 5kg to 30ton | Crane Scales (CCS) 10kg to 50ton | Crane Scales with Wireless Indicator 10kg to 50ton | Crane Scales with Heat Insulating Shield (CCS) 200g to 15ton | Crane Scales with Heat Insulating Shield & Wireless Indicator (CCS) | Crane Scales wireless Transmission High-temperature thermal insulation and armored type |
Weighing Indicators : Universal Indicators| Batch Weighing Indicators | Flameproof Indicators | Stainless Steel Indicators | Wireless Indicator |
Scales for Special Applications : Milk Bowl Weighing System (100 g - 500 kg) | Platform Scales with Ramp and Rollers | Static Check Weighing Systems | Customised Weighing Systems |
Balance Accessories : Auxilary Display Attached To The Balance On The Pole | Auxiliary Display (remote Wired) | Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) | Battery Backup | Breeze Shield | Mini Printer | | Motorized Calibration | Flameproof Junction Box | Anti-Vibration Tables |
Force Testing Instruments : Digital Force Measuring Guage | Bottle-Cap-Torque-Tester | Spring Testing Instruments |
Electro Chemical Instruments : Multiparameter Meter | Lab pH Meter, Precision | Conductivity Meters | Dissolved-Oxygen-Meter | ORP Meter | Dual-parameter-meter | Electrodes | Accessories |
Sample Preparation Instruments : Magnetic Stirrer CMS -01 | Magnetic Stirrer CMS-02 | Magnetic Stirrer CMS-04 | Magnetic Stirrer CMS-06 | Magnetic Stirrer with Heating 280degree C | Magnetic Stirrer with Heating 340degree C | Magnetic Stirrer CMS-04H | Magnetic Stirrer CMS-06H | Multi Station Magnetic Stirrer with Heating | Orbital Shaker | Rocking Shaker | 3D Shaker | Digital Tube Roller | Digital Rotator 1st stage | Digital Rotator 2nd stage |
Optical Instruments : Digital Polarimeters Model : CDP-001 | Digital Abbe Refractometer Model : CAR-02 | Digital Melting Point Apparatus Model : CDMP-300 |
Gold Purity Checking Instruments : Gas Proportional XRF Detector CGX-101 | Silicon pin XRF Detector CGX-102 | Silicon Drift Detectors CGX-103 | Handheld Detector 104 | Gold Purity Checking Balances |