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Contech Instruments Ltd.

is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high precision Electronic Balance that has for the past few years provided the industry with quality products like electronic balances, weighing machines


Gas Analyzers for different applications :

Flue Gas Analyzer : Boiler, Furnace, Cement, Kiln exhaust emission gas monitoring, continuous emission monitoring for
    environmental protection. Flue gas analyzers available in advanced high performance NDIR (Infrared) as well as economical
    ECD (Electrochemical) Technology.
Infrared Coal Gas Analyzer : Coal Chemical process, sponge iron and steel, ferro alloys smelting process, heat treatment, gas furnace.
Infrared Bio Gas Analyzer : Bio Gas plant, Waste water treatment plant, sludge digestion, land fill sites. Flue, Coal & Bio Gas Analyzers are
    available in online and portable types.
Infrared Combustion Efficiency Analyzer : Boiler, Furnace, exhaust emission gas and combustion efficiency control.
Automobile Emission Gas Analyzer : Auto Emission checking stations, automobile service centers and vehicle pollution monitoring units.
Opacity Meter for Diesel Engine : Diesel Engine manufacturers, pollution monitoring stations.
Infrared Gas Analyzer (ppm range) : Air monitoring in chemical, fertilizer plants for refined gas monitoring,
    air separation applications, research  and educational institutes.
Single Gas Analyzers : CO, CO2, CH4, CxHy, SO2, NO2, H2s
Oxygen Gas Analyzers : ECD / Paramagnetic / Zirconia
Hydrogen Gas Analyzers : ECD
Gas Leakage Transmitters : CO,CO2, CH4, H2S
Handheld Gas Leakage Detectors : CO,CO2, CH4, H2S

Accessores : Gas Conditioning Systems with Nox Converter, Conditioning device to remove dust, water and oil, heated sampling probe,
    heated line, sampling pump, 4~20 mA output, Alarm with relay output at pre-settable gas concentration levels, Gas temperature, pressure and
    flow measurements, BTU Index (Gas calorific value) calculations, data logging upto 1500 sets of 7 data.
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  GAS DETECTOR HAND HELD Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters


Applications :

Chemical industries, oil & gas storage and transportation, mining, metallurgy, LPG stations, spray painting, leakage of natural gas, etc.

  Measurement Gases :
  & (Technology
  NDIR for CH4/CO2 &
  ECD for CO/H2S
  Measuring Range :    0~10% vol
  10~100% vol
  Resolution :    0.01% in the range of 0~10% vol
   0.1% in the range of 10~100% vol
  Accuracy :   +1% FS
  Response time :   25 secs at 250C


*  High Precision and Reliable NDIR principle for CH4/CO2 & ECD principle for CO/H2S
*  Preliferation sampling method
*  Display of gas concentration value.





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