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A magnetic stirrer or magnetic stir plate is routinely used in laboratories to verify whether the liquid samples are equivalent in consistency and temperature. A magnetic stirrer can utilize magnetic stirrer bars or inductive agitators to complete the mixing process. A magnetic stirrer confirms proper mixing that can enhance sensor response time, allowing measuring instruments to obtain stable readings more promptly. Magnetic stirrer is an ultimate tool to implement in laboratories for research and quality control applications.

Contech Instruments offers a wide range of magnetic stirrer products with single or multiple stirring points. A multi-position magnetic stirrer allows various Chalice to be blended concurrently, saving valuable time by allowing for multitasking. Different magnetic stirrer models provide different stirring speed ranges. Maximum magnetic stirrer products feature variably adjustable revolutions per minute (rpm).

Magnetic Stirrer CMS-01

* Speed setting possible only while the stirring is off.
* Maximum Stirring Quantity : 3 litre water.
* Microprocessor speed controller guarantees speed accuracy.
* Stirring Speed Range : 100~1500 rpm with Load
* LCD with backlite displays for set and actual speed.
* Speed Setting Increment : 10rpm
* Speed resolution : 1rpm
* Stirrer plate diameter : 135mm
* Stirrer Plate Top : Stainless steel

* Dimension (mm) : 165 (W) X 230 (L) X 110 (H),
* Weight :2Kg approx.
* Power supply : 100~250 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 20 Watt